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Unified Communications System Demonstration:

Canfield Systems, Inc. specializes in the design and implementation of communications systems in schools throughout Maine and New Hampshire. Video Distribution, Telephone and Intercom/Clock connectivity should be considered in addition to the current priority placed on the acquisition of data networks.

Lowell HCI

We have created an operational demo kit to show you first hand how these systems can be integrated to interoperate as one unified system. A well-designed system provides better security, heightens productivity, strengthens ties to parents and community through messaging, and most importantly, engages students as a highly effective teaching tool.

Telecor NEC

IP Telephony, Convergence, Migration to future technologies and incremental expandability are all important topics to explore and are key reasons to see firsthand how a vision is important before adding any new technology to your school. We offer this demonstration as a free service to schools. We will come to your location, show you our Unified Communications System, assess your school, and assist you in developing a technology plan to carry you into the future.

For more information or to schedule a demo email Scott Whitaker.

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Jerry "Canfield Systems provides the finest equipment for schools at a price that is well within the budgets of schools. Canfield hires and encourages highly trained, personable staff who tackle and solve the trickiest of problems. When I need a technology solution or an audio solution, immediately, I call Canfield knowing they will be able to address my needs. It has always been a pleasure to deal with Canfield and its people-they're the best"

~ Jerry White


"Maine School Administrative District #55 was extremely pleased with the work that Canfield performed on the Sacopee Valley Middle School. The audio work was impeccable and the service we received was excellent. Eric Bachelder, the Service Manager was available to answer our questions and walk us through the new phone system. He was more than willing to return when we had additional questions. I would definitely considering hiring Canfield Systems Inc. again for future projects."

~ Sylvia Pease; Superintendent of S.A.D #55


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